QUTAC - Quantum Technology & Application Consortium

We bring quantum computing to the level of large-scale industrial application and position our companies for a new digital future. Together, we want to strengthen Germany’s digital sovereignty, develop applications to market maturity and highlight opportunities for funding.

In the Stimulus and Future Package, the German Government has given a big boost to the development of Quantum Computers. Working together with companies and start-ups we will identify, develop, trial, and share applications. So, I am delighted that QUTAC has brought so many leading companies together to help Germany move forward in this key sector.
Peter Altmaier Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy
Anja Karliczek über QUTAC
Germany must become a leader in quantum technology and then stay at the top. What we want is technological sovereignty. To achieve this, we must rely on our strengths. These are our top researchers with their excellent ideas on the one hand and our strong industry on the other hand. Both must cooperate in an optimal way. Then we will achieve the best results. We are therefore funding companies and cutting-edge research under the quantum technologies framework programme.
Anja Karliczek Federal Minister of Education and Research

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Dr. Reinhard Ploss über QUTAC
The industrialisation of quantum computing has only just begun. At QUTAC, important German companies come together to put our country and Europe at the forefront of the development of this crucial future technology.
Dr. Reinhard Ploss CEO Infineon Technologies AG



“Only markets make the development of quantum solutions economically attractive.”

The industrialisation of quantum computing requires not only basic technology, but also a functioning market, says Dr. Andre Luckow, Head of the Department for New Technologies at BMW Group IT. In This interview, he explains how QUTAC intends to strengthen the development of industrial applications and hot the BMW Group, both within the consortium and beyond, is involved in the field of quantum computing.

   Quantentechnologien werden eine Reihe disruptiver Innovationen anstoßen, sagt BASF-Vorstandsvorsitzender Dr. Martin Brudermüller. Im Interview erklärt er, was wir von dieser neuen Technologie erwarten können, welche Herausforderungen bei ihrer Entwicklung bestehen – und warum genau jetzt der richtige Zeitpunkt ist, ein IndUTAC zu gründen.

"Quantum computing will become a key enabling technology"

Quantum technologies will trigger a series of disruptive innovations, says BASF Chairman of the Board Dr. Martin Brudermüller. In an interview, he explains what we can expect from this new technology, the challenges involved in its development and why now is exactly the right time to establish an industry consortium like QUTAC.

Interviewpartner Clemens Utschig-Utschig, CTO Boehringer Ingelheim. © Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG.
Quantum leaps

Boehringer Ingelheim: A question of time

For the simulation of complex molecules, Boehringer Ingelheim CTO Clemens Utschig-Utschig also considers the potential of quantum computing. This way, extensive laboratory experiments may be reduced in the future – and with them the time needed to develop new drugs.

Dr. Andreas Bayerstadler, Munich RE über Quantencomputing
Quantum leaps

Munich Re: In search of the best way.

At Munich Re, Dr. Andreas Bayerstadler and his team are researching quantum technology applications for modern route planning. This way, they are helping to make Germany a pioneer in quantum technology – and to protect companies more intelligently against economic losses in the future.


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