Who we are

In the Quantum Technology and Application Consortium (QUTAC), we, as leading companies from Germany, want to bring quantum computing to the level of practical application and, in cooperation, actively shape a new digital future.

Dr. Reinhard Ploss über QUTAC
The industrialisation of quantum computing has only just begun. At QUTAC, important German companies come together to put our country and Europe at the forefront of the development of this crucial future technology.
Dr. Reinhard Ploss Representative of QUTAC

Our Mission

The critical moment for all technological developments lies in their move from fundamental research towards utilization. Quantum computing must find its way into practice and into commercially successful applications. This requires technical expertise, innovative spirit, economic resources and above all: cooperation.

With QUTAC, we want to pool findings from our members’ distinct development projects, promote their further development and effectively advance them for practical use.

Together we want to

  • Strengthen Germany’s digital sovereignty

  • Identify, develop, test and share applications

  • Highlight opportunities for funding

Our Vision

In the near future, quantum computers will revolutionize our world. As of today, exactly how they will change the way we live and work tomorrow remains a matter of guesswork. However, in some industries, specific application scenarios are already taking shape and demonstrate the high practical and economic potential of quantum technology, for example in solving complex optimization problems in the areas of logistics, transport or finance.

As leading companies in important application sectors, we want to play an active role in shaping the development of a new quantum computing ecosystem in Germany and Europe and find innovative and economically successful solutions to the urgent challenges facing our economy and society.

The road towards industrial application

QUTAC focuses on industrial applications. The positive outlook for quantum computing has to substantiated, its early practical application to be prepared. In a first step, we will thus identify all possible applications and their potential for industrial realization. Through this, we intend to harmonize expectations towards a successful quantum ecosystem with its necessary investments. To achieve this, QUTAC has set the following goals in its position paper:

  1. Showcasing the demands for quantum computing within German industry.
  2. Creation of a basis for a cross-industry application portfolio
  3. Joint realization of referential applications and call to cooperation beyond the boundaries of the consortium

Together, we intend to lead Germany to digital sovereignty in quantum computing and thus also move forward Europa as a business location.

The position paper has been published by SpringerOpen. The short version is available for download here.